Flatbed/Stepdeck/Hot Shot
We Can Transport Smaller Loads

If you have a load that’s less than 14,000 pounds and doesn’t require a big truck, at TX2 Logistics, we can get it done – without the big rig cost – with our dually and gooseneck setup.

We Can Transport Time-Sensitive Loads

Generally, hot shot loads are smaller loads that may also be time-sensitive. We can get them across Texas or across the country, to all of the lower 48 states, on time and on budget.

Common Types of Hot Shot Loads include:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery

Origins of Hot Shot Trucking

Hot shot drivers get their name from their speed. Back in the day their job was to quickly deliver loads of materials between the oil fields and oil manufacturers. Today, hot shot drivers still do that, but basically it just means any load that has to be delivered as quickly as possible. At TX2 Logistics, we’ll find the most efficient solution for your logistics needs.

Loading Vehicles onto trailer

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